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Official-Assigner Relationship

As we begin to receive assignments for the 2022 season, some will begin to question why they were put into a certain game, at a certain school, or with other certain officials. Why does their schedule not look like the one they were hoping to get? 

There are many factors that go into assigning games that are not known to officials. Does your assigner need you in your assigned game because he wants you to take a look at a younger official? Is there a coach requesting a certain type of crew because of a tense rivalry? Is the assigner trying not to have you officiate a certain team more than once or twice a year? Are you on the school's non-preferred list?


The tendency of officials is to begin to question their relationship with the assigner because they did not get their idea schedule. produced a great article called "You're Your Own Agent".  In that article it suggested that "It is your responsibility to create your own schedule, be in demand and prove that you can do the job. You are responsible for the number and level of games you work."  Further it goes on to state, " The more valuable you become as an official, the more games you work, the better games you work and the more satisfied you will be knowing that you are very good at what you do."

So how do we make ourselves valuable as officials? The article explains 5 tips.

1. Hard, Hard Work

2. Work with the Rookie

3. Take the game nobody wants 

4. Keep Up Your Availability

5. Network at Meetings

"It won’t happen overnight. But with diligence, patience and hard work, you can get there."

Good Luck this 2022 Season

Charlie Johnson

The quote that "there is no offseason" really applies to officiating. Several new officials and mentors spent the day officiating a 7v7 tournament at Susquehanna H.S. The tournament featured many top high schools from the area. The 7v7 tournament was part of an Anti-Bullying campaign through Susquehanna Twp.

 Summer Time 7 V 7s

On the Recruiting Trail

During the Big 33 All Star weekend, the CAFOA was given an opportunity to recruit potential officials. A recruiting table was set up at the entrance of the gate to attract interest in officiating. The mission was to not only attract officials within the Central Pennsylvania area, but officials throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Thank you to those that were able to volunteer time at the tent.

Aaron Jayman presents at PIAA Convention

Aaron Jayman was selected to be a session presenter at the PIAA Convention on August 6th, 2022. Aaron presented on the philosophies of Defensive/Offensive Pass Interference. Feedback from the presentation was very positive.

Mike Swatt awarded 30 years of Service Watch at PIAA Convention

Mike Swatt was recognized at the PIAA Convention for his 30 years of service to the PIAA. In addition to his 30 years of service on the field as a referee and umpire, Mike has held several positions for the CAFOA. Congrats Mike.

CAFOA announces 2021 Chapter awards winners

                                   Joseph F. Bruno Jr Sportsmanship Award

The Joseph F. Bruno, Jr Sportsmanship Award is bestowed each year to the high school that displays the highest level of discipline, graciousness and respect throughout the season.
                                             Congratulations to 2022 honoree:

                                     HALIFAX High School

                                              Lewis Clionsky/Jeff White Award

 The Lewis Clionsky/Jeff White award was created to recognize brother officials           who make significant contributions to the success of the chapter.

                                               Congratulations to 2022 honoree:

                                                Todd Rombach


                              Robert Graybar Award

The CACPFO has a history of recognizing individuals who have provided both a positive influence and significant contribution to the success of the chapter. The Robert Graybar award was instituted to honor these types of individuals early in their career.

                                              Congratulations to 2022 honoree:

                                                    Eric Galeano


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