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Chapter Meeting Notes

 If you cannot attend the PIAA Mandatory Meeting, check the PIAA website to see when other
chapters are holding their meetings.

 All meetings will be at 7 PM.   To receive credit for a meeting you must be there by 7:10. Even
the PIAA rules interpretation.  Our PIAA mandatory meeting chapter rules meeting will be the first
(1) meeting of the season (August 6).  Business meeting to follow.

Everyone is required to attend ten (10) meetings to be eligible for playoffs. This includes Non-

The PIAA requires everyone to attend six (6) chapter meetings and one (1) mandatory rules

Working a PIAA game – with a 6PM or later start time – on the same night, as the regularly
scheduled meeting will be credited as a chapter meeting. You will be responsible for notifying the
chapter secretary and this will be limited to two (2) occurrences per season. These do not count as
part of the PIAA required 6.

If you are going in-active, there is a form that needs to be filled with the PIAA. In-Active members must still pay chapter and PIAA dues.

The PIAA mandates that a person can only get credit for three (3) meetings before the start of
the season.

Attendance is posted on PIAA WEBSITE .  Check your attendance regularly.

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