Welcome to the Capital Area Football Officials website. This website is dedicated to providing the best possible officiating for high school football in the Mid Penn Conference.  


Our mission is to provide the best possible high school football officials in the state of Pennsylvania.  We promote sportsmanship and professionalism at all times. It is our goal to promote officiating, recruiting new members interested in officiating, educate these officials, and train them to officiate at the highest possible level.

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The Capital Area Football Officials Association continues to be in need of quality individuals to become football officials. Potential officials will be provided quality training and mentorship to help one achieve their goals as an officials. Please click here: Become An Official


2022 CAFOA Apparel Order

The CAFOA Executive Board approved the wearing of a lightweight gray shirt during the month of August, September & possibly early October, if it's still warm out FOR YOUTH GAMES ONLY - THESE T-SHIRTS WILL NOT BE WORN FOR ANY LEVEL OF ANY PIAA CONTEST.   

The Executive Board is encouraging everyone that works these games to purchase a shirt via the link attached.   Or, if you don't work youth games, if you'd like one to wear casually, that's ok too.


The CAFOA will also be offering a polo shirt for those interested in ordering.   

Please click on link below to be forwarded to the Officials Only tab to access the CAFOA store. THE CAFOA store will be closed on August 1st, 2022.


Official-Assigner Relationship

from Referee.com

As we begin to receive assignments for the 2022 season, some will begin to question why they were put into a certain game, at a certain school, or with other certain officials. Why does their schedule not look like the one they were hoping to get? 

There are many factors that go into assigning games that are not known to officials. Does your assigner need you in your assigned game because he wants you to take a look at a younger official? Is there a coach requesting a certain type of crew because of a tense rivalry? Is the assigner trying not to have you officiate a certain team more than once or twice a year? Are you on the school's non-preferred list?


The tendency of officials is to begin to question their relationship with the assigner because they did not get their idea schedule.

Referee.com produced a great article called "You're Your Own Agent".  In that article it suggested that "It is your responsibility to create your own schedule, be in demand and prove that you can do the job. You are responsible for the number and level of games you work."  Further it goes on to state, " The more valuable you become as an official, the more games you work, the better games you work and the more satisfied you will be knowing that you are very good at what you do."

So how do we make ourselves valuable as officials? The article explains 5 tips.

1. Hard, Hard Work

2. Work with the Rookie

3. Take the game nobody wants 

4. Keep Up Your Availability

5. Network at Meetings

"It won’t happen overnight. But with diligence, patience and hard work, you can get there."

Good Luck this 2022 Season

Charlie Johnson

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Georgia Athletic Officials Association

 Summer Time 7 V 7s

TD Signal by official image.png

The quote that "there is no offseason" really applies to officiating. Several new officials and mentors spent the day officiating a 7v7 tournament at Susquehanna H.S. The tournament featured many top high schools from the area. The 7v7 tournament was part of an Anti-Bullying campaign through Susquehanna Twp.

On the Recruiting Trail

big 33.jpg

During the Big 33 All Star weekend, the CAFOA was given an opportunity to recruit potential officials. A recruiting table was set up at the entrance of the gate to attract interest in officiating. The mission was to not only attract officials within the Central Pennsylvania area, but officials throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Thank you to those that were able to volunteer time at the tent.

NFHS 2022 Football Rule Change

1-2-3g NOTES 3. (NEW): Team Box May Be Extended By State Association Adoption
By state association adoption, the team box may now be extended beyond the 25-yard line.

1-3-3: Ball May Be Changed Between Downs
Any game official may order the ball changed between downs.

1-4-3: The Number “0” Is Now Legal
The single digit number “0” is now a legal number.

2-3-8: A Chop Block Has Been Redefined
A chop block has been redefined as an illegal combination block where contact is made above and below the waist.

3-4-7: Clarified The Offended Team’s Game Clock Options
Clarified the offended team’s game clock options following a foul committed with less than two minutes remaining in either half.

3-6-1a(1)e EXCEPTION 2. (NEW): Added A New Exception To The Play Clock Administration
Added a new exception to the play clock administration following a foul committed only by the defensive team.

7-5-2 EXCEPTION 2. (NEW): Added A New Exception For The Passer
Added a new exception that allows the passer to legally throw the ball away to conserve yardage.


2-28-2; 5-2-4; 6-2-6; 10-2-2; 10-2-3; FOOTBALL FUNDAMENTALS – VII-2, X-3-E; RESOLVING TIED GAMES – 5-1-1, 8-3; NINE-, EIGHT- AND SIX-PLAYER RULES DIFFERENCES – RULE 2 and 7


  1. Targeting / Defenseless Player

  2. Legal Uniforms and Equipment

  3. Sportsmanship

2022 Meeting Dates Announced

The 2022 CAFOA chapter meeting dates have been finalized. Please note the changes to this years meetings. Beginning Sept 13th, chapter meetings will occur on Tuesday evening's. However; the meeting on Nov 3rd will be on a Thursday evening. 


Additionally West Shore meetings will no longer be held at Mechanicsburg HS. The West Shore meetings will now be held at Cumberland Valley High School. East Shore meeting will continue to be held at Central Dauphin East HS. The Mandatory Rules meeting will be on August 4th at Cumberland Valley High School.

Meeting Dates:

Mandatory Rules Meeting (CV)

Thursday, August 4, 2022

6:30pm Coaches

7:30pm Officials


West Shore Meetings:

Thursday, August 11 (CV) 7pm

Thursday, August 18 (CV) 7pm

Thursday, August 25 (CV) 7pm

Thursday, September 1 (CV) 7pm

Thursday, September 8 (CV) 7pm

Tuesday, September 13 (CV) 7pm

Tuesday, September 20 (CV) 7pm

Tuesday, September 27 (CV) 7pm

East Shore Meetings:

Tuesday, October 4 (East– 1st Nominations) 7pm

Tuesday, October 11 (East – 2nd Nominations) 7pm

Tuesday, October 18 (East) 7pm

Tuesday, October 25 (East – Business Meeting and Elections - Moved for trick-or-treat) 7pm


Thursday, November 3 (7man and Frolic) 7pm

Zoom Meeting Brings 5 NCAA D1 Refs to the Capitol Area Chapter  of PIAA Football Officials

The CACPFO was fortunate to have 5 seasoned NCAA Division One Officials participate in a Zoom meeting with our chapter on 5/6.  Jerry Hocker, our current District 3 Assignor and NCAA Division One ACC Side Judge, reached out to several of his colleagues to discuss a variety of topics. All 5 officials shared tips, experiences and advice that will help each individual and our chapter as a whole.

Ref Big 10 Dan Capron.jpg

Dan Capron- Referee Big 10-Retired 2019

2017 National Championship Game (Georgia vs. Alabama)

2016 Big Ten Conference Championship Game

Ref ACC-referee-Jeff-Heaser.jpg

Jeff Heaser-Referee ACC

2015 ACC Conference Championship Game

2018 Rose Bowl (Oklahoma - Georgia) - National Semi Final

Ref -ACC-referee-Duane-Heydt.jpg

Duane Heydt-Referee ACC 

2017 Rose Bowl (PSU -USC) 

2018 Orange Bowl (Alabama - Oklahoma) - National Semi Final

Ref Big 10 John Oneil.jpg

John O'Neil-Referee Big 10

Big Ten Conference Championship Game

2014 BCS Championship Game ( Florida State vs Auburn)

Ref Big 10 Reggie Smith.jpg

Reggie Smith- Referee Big 10

Big 12 Just transferred to Big Ten

Big 12 Conference Championship Game

2016 Rose Bowl (Iowa vs Stanford)


In an effort to address the growing trend of behaviors at youth football games, the CAFOA has adopted the following Zero Tolerance Policy for Fans and Coaches. Click on logo for a copy of the Policy.


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